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During the 1960’s, many changes occurred in and around Fort Peck, including the demolition and removal of many buildings and homes.  At that time, a group of local people feared that the theatre would fall victim to demolition as well.  From this concern grew a desire to save the  building by making it productive again.  To achieve its goal, The Fort Peck Fine Arts Council was born.  This group of determined individuals has cared for this building ever since, owning it since 1987.  Acknowledging the significance of this Montana treasure, the Theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.


The Theatre today remains much the same.  Working with a logical and careful plan for restoration and preservation, the building, now showing many of it’s 79 years, is returning to its original grandeur.  40 years after construction the stage was extended to accommodate the needs of live productions.


Today, the Fort Peck Theatre stands tall and beautiful, ready to entertain this and future generations.  Under the care of dedicated volunteers and loyal supporters, its beauty remains a significant part of Montana life!

Fort Peck Summer Theather - Heavey High
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